Roslin Brown MBACP

"A thing which has not been understood inevitably reappears; like an unlaid ghost, it cannot rest until the mystery has been resolved and the spell broken".

Sigmund Freud

Roslin Brown MBACP

Training and qualifications

Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling
HNC in Integrative Counselling Trauma and Crisis Intervention Module Cosca N.C. in Counselling Skills and Theory Supervision Module Therapeutic and emotional support for children Children's Counselling Training with P2B (Place to be ) NNEB with merit (Nursery Nurse) Kirkcaldy Technical College

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Relevant Experience
Working within the Post Natal Depression Project in Edinburgh since 2001. 3 Years experience as family therapist within post natal depression project. I Have extensive experience as an Integrative Counsellor working with clients suffering from depression. Enabling therapeutic and emotional support within primary schools for the City of Edinburgh Education Department. Also working with children who are survivors of domestic abuse. running my own private practice counselling for adults or children.

Group Work
past experience of Co-facilitating of a self-help group on behalf of Depression Alliance Scotland based in Edinburgh.

Areas of special Interest and Expertise

Specialising in Loss, Bereavement. Provision of relaxation techniques and working with relationship issues. Working with abuse, sexual, emotional and physical, depression and post natal depression, panic and anxiety disorders. Also Play Therapy with children.

About my approach

As an Integrative Counsellor I draw from the three main approaches, namely Person-Centred , Psychodynamic Cognitive Behavioural, adapting my way of working depending on my client's needs.

Counselling is the uncovering of inner resources and strengths in order to find a way forward. My philosophy being, unresolved conflict that has been brought fully and safely into awareness can then be worked with, enabling release, a gradual healing to take place, rather than the perpetuation of personal suffering.

I place the Counsellor/Client relationship as central to the healing process. We all have the potential for change, but for many clients this may prove impossible to bring to realisation without the support of a trusted supportive companion. Therefore the creating of a nurturing, safe environment , a relationship based on mutual respect, empathy, honesty, trust and understanding I see as crucial in providing the necessary conditions wherein change can begin. From this secure base my clients are enabled to explore unresolved conflicts, painful aspects of their life both past and present.

Psychological pain may be rooted in childhood. From an early age life often exposes us to stressful traumatic and painful situations, In order to survive we learn certain ways of being, coping, each of us forming as a result of our own experiences our own perception of self, others, the world. In adulthood our early ways of being, relating to others, may no longer serve their original purpose.

Therapy involves enabling exploration and my offering of encouragement to bring awareness to the present ways the client engages with significant others, the expectations of self/others, what unconscious biases may perhaps be carried from one relationship to another. Within this process the counselling relationship is key in providing insight , so beginning the process of self challenge the enabling of clients to see from new and fresh perspectives. Within therapy I offer my clients the opportunity to re-examine core beliefs which in the past may have served well but in the present perpetuate inner pain and low self-esteem.

Roslin Brown MBACP