"Joy is not in things, it is in us".

Richard Wagner

"Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. We could all do with a little help".

Arthur Dobrin

"Once in a while, when everything is just right, there is a moment of magic. People can live on moments of magic".

Sarah Caldwell

Children's Counselling

Play is a child's natural medium for self-expression and inner healing.

My work as a children's counsellor involves the creating of an environment wherein a child can express themselves through play. In order for the process to begin my role is to create a safe , contained space with secure boundaries, a non-judgemental relationship with the child, based on honesty, reliability, consistency, confidentiality and trust. Thus creating an environment wherein the child can begin to gain a sense of their own worth and self-esteem.

As part of this process boundaries may be tested many times, until the child feels safe enough to trust. The creating of trust is very much dependant on my finding what the child needs to enable this to be so. Within counselling I may use particular techniques involving play which act as powerful aids in helping the child make more direct contact with lost or perhaps hidden feelings.

My role as a counsellor is to bring focus to the significance of the child's play in relation to their experience via the child's use of various mediums, for example, art work, puppets, story-telling, object selection, symbols of relevance to the child. By providing the child with a large variety of appropriate toys, objects and creative play materials, the child is enabled to symbolically express, re-enact thoughts, feelings and fears connected to unresolved or ongoing difficulties.

Within counselling I support the child as they explore, in their own chosen way, profound feelings. The process of play evolves in such a way that is appropriate to the child's developmental level and immediate needs. I engage with the child in play as an equal partner following the child's needs offering a relationship with an adult who is solely there for them, enabling an opportunity to speak about things which may ordinarily not be addressed. Listening to the spoken and also listening and observing the unspoken. The re-enactment, repetitions though play enables the child to gradually find a sense of release, gain greater life skills and understanding come nearer to the acceptance or working through of their issues.

Some reasons children have in coming to counselling.
I feel sad
I don't want to go to school I have moved house and everything feels strange I feel lonely I feel angry inside Someone is bullying me My parents have just split up I am always getting into trouble I feel shy I feel all mixed up inside.

Counselling for young people

As a therapist I also work creatively with troubled teenagers, tailoring and adapting the therapy in a respectful and age appropriate manner.

Adolescence is a time of great change, loss and uncertainty. Young people can experience many external and internal pressures as they struggle to make sense of themselves, others and the world at large.

Creative expression

Within my experience I find many young people find it difficult to express their feelings through words alone. “Creative expression” allows a young person to show what may have been too difficult to say.

I offer not only children but young people an alternative means to connect with, express, release and make sense of their feelings in order to find their own way through.

When a young person feels they have no one they can go to express, explore and learn about their feelings, they may choose to withdraw, remain silent, keeping things bottled up inside. This in turn can lead to an acting out of feelings in ways that are both unhelpful to themselves and also within their relationships with significant others.

Within Counselling I will offer young people their own unique means to explore and release safely, insights and feelings which previously have proved too difficult to express through words alone. That which has been externalized can then be worked through allowing an opportunity to see from new and fresh perspectives. This enables change and a way of working towards some kind of resolve of thoughts and feelings.

If you are considering counselling for your child or if you are considering individual counselling or would like support in forming a healthier attachment with your baby or older child, please contact me.

Family Therapy

As children our self-esteem is profoundly influenced by how our main carers relate to and treat us.

Early intervention can be both powerful and effective in creating a close bond between you and your child.

I offer an opportunity for both parent and child to feel supported while engaging in a non-intrusive process which offers a new way of being with your child.

Change is Possible

No matter how bad things may feel, change is possible. Many parents can find it difficult to cope with a young child, perhaps feeling helpless to change, yet knowing inside what may be happening feels wrong. “Effective Therapy” supports and empowers you in the learning of new skills and ways of understanding what is happening between you and your child from moment to moment.

Gentle healing also takes place through play therapy. By providing an age appropriate selection of toys, objects and art materials together with use of music, song and rhyme, both you and your child are given an opportunity to connect in a close and profoundly meaningful way.

Benefits to Parents

It can help to create a new sense of closeness.
It can help build confidence in handling these difficult moments.
It can help develop recognition of the spoken and unspoken needs of your child.
It can offer hope for the future.

Benefits to the Child

It can help create a sense of trust and security.
It can help your child to feel heard and understood.
It can help increase your child’s confidence, self-esteem and happiness.
It can allow your child to form a healthier, more balanced relationship with you and others.

Roslin Brown MBACP